Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. Project decisions
The construction or renovation of the swimming pool at the Client’s property will be decided and agreed by the Client in conjunction with a quotation provided by PISCINE-PLUS.COM. PISCINE-PLUS.COM assumes or accepts no responsibilities other than those obligations to provide the products or services mentioned in the quotation and agreed by the client on payment of the deposit.

2. Precautions and arrangements
Prior to the commencement of the work on the swimming pool project, the Client shall take all precaution and obtain all permissions necessary to enable access to the site and to make clear to the installer all underground installations such as, but not limited to pits, wells, souterrains, sumps, pumps, cables, pipes, septic tanks, such that the passage of work with machines or other ways shall not cause damage to existing infrastructure. In all cases, unless notified of such items listed above beforehand, PISCINE-PLUS.COM shall not be held responsible for damage to infrastructure caused directly or indirectly by the passage of work or machines operating on the building site.

3. Facilities
The supply of water and electricity to the technical room is the responsibility of the Client as well as the protection of the power lines, and the conformity of the main power supply to the current standards in force. The supply of water for the building site and the filling of the swimming pool are at the cost of the Client. Supply of electricity necessary for the execution of the project is at the cost of the Client.

4. Prices
The Prices for the Swimming pool, equipment and materials are given in the quotation. In the event of adverse conditions or any unforeseen event which cause delays, such as but not limited to; discovery of rock, groundwater, concealed concrete, inclement weather conditions, statutory delay then additional work may be invoiced to the Client, depending on the adverse conditions and on agreement with the client.

5. Making Good
Following the completion of the work, the installer shall remove from the site unless otherwise agreed, all debris, packaging, excess materials and equipment. However PISCINE-PLUS.COM does not offer, or is responsible for, removing topsoil, spoiled earth or rock from the site. Additionally, PISCINE-PLUS.COM shall not be held responsible for damage or repairs to the garden, plants or trees, access, pathways, pavements, structures, retaining walls, fences or fields.

All Delays in the progress of building not within the control of PISCINE-PLUS.COM such as but not limited to: Discovery of ground water, water saturated ground, impractical access, inclement weather shall not amount to a cause for compensation and shall not justify a delay in scheduled payments by the Client, unless agreed.

7. Operation of equipment
Upon commissioning of the swimming pool, which has been confirmed by the completion of the sign off process, it is therefore understood by all parties that the correct operation of the swimming pool and its equipment has been explained and understood by the Client. It shall be the responsibility of the Client from that time forward to maintain and operate the equipment unless otherwise arranged. Any guarantees offered in the first instance by PISCINE-PLUS.COM shall be void in the event of negligent or incorrect operation of the pool and equipment. The swimming pool should never be emptied completely except in the presents or under the instructions of PISCINE-PLUS.COM or his nominated agent. Where the liner has been supplied as factory built, it may from time to time give rise to small folds in the corners or stairs, which is considered normal.

8. Guarantees
Normal Guarantees are as follows unless specified otherwise:

  • Metal panel structure: 30 years
  • Filter: min 2 years
  • Plumbing: 2 years
  • Pumps: min 2 years
  • Liner (75/100): min guarantee 10 years. As there are a variety of liners available, full guarantee details are listed in the quotation, or available on request. The liner guarantee does not cover chemical spots, the formation of folds after installation, tears or holes. PISCINE-PLUS.COM, sometimes in conjunction with the liner supplier, shall decide if the liner must be repaired or changed under such guarantee, which shall be void if evidence of misuse is uncovered.
  • One-year Guarantee on all other equipment and accessories except if specifically marked in the quotation.

9. Reparations
The Guarantee covers only the repair or the replacement of the defective part. It does not take into account water, chemicals, the loss of pleasure, trading loss, labour, accommodation and travelling, etc. The Guarantee does not apply when the customer has modified any equipment, made technical changes or has made alterations likely to impact on the solidity and to the structure of the swimming pool without the authorisation of PISCINE-PLUS.COM.

In all cases, the good operation of equipment supplied directly to the Client by PISCINE-PLUS.COM shall be guaranteed by PISCINE-PLUS.COM. Any faults, failures leaks, misalignments, or workmanship or materials amounting to installation shall be the responsibility of PISCINE-PLUS.COM who shall be solely liable for the reparation or making good. Any anomaly in the correct operation of the swimming pool within the guarantee period must be made known to PISCINE-PLUS.COM within the ten days of discovery under penalty of forfeiture of the Guarantee.

The application of the Guarantee shall not come into force until full payment of the invoice is complete.

10. Normal Terms of payment

The following breakdown of payment will be used unless marked differently in the quotation.

  • 10% Deposit of total upon acceptation of the quotation.
  • 30% of the total as a Pre-Start payment, 6 weeks prior to the work start.
  • 50% of total as a Start Payment, no later than 1 week after the work commences .
  • 10% of total as a Final Payment when it is agreed that the project is complete and functioning properly by both parties.

In accordance with Law n°92-1442 of December 31, 1992, any delay of payment without justification of an invoice beyond 30 days after invoice has been posted will automatically involve the addition of interest at 1.5% of total invoice of per month of delay and, if it proves to be necessary, increased expenses engaged for recovery of monies owed.

In accordance with Law nº 80.335 of May 12, 1980, the equipment and material supplied for the build work remain the property PISCINE-PLUS.COM until the Contract is paid in full. Where the Client refuses or causes delays in payment without agreement, PISCINE-PLUS.COM reserves the right to recover such equipment and material and hold such equipment and materials until payments had been received.

11. Cancellations
The sale contract will become final only after acceptance of the aforesaid contract by PISCINE-PLUS.COM. The sale contract will be supposed accepted by both Parties if there is no notice received by either party to the contrary within seven days after the sale, such notice should be by registered letter with acknowledgement of delivery.

In the event of cancellation of the contract by the customer, and unless agreed beforehand, an amount of the deposit shall be retained by PISCINE-PLUS.COM by way of compensation of costs amounting to 5% of the agreed quotation. The remainder of deposit funds shall be returned to the Client in an expeditious manner.

12. Validity of the prices

The prices shown in the quotation are valid 30 days except where marked otherwise.

Once accepted the prices are valid until the agreed start date. If the start date is delayed by PISCINE-PLUS.COM there will be no change to the prices, unless agreed by the client. If the client changes the start date, the prices may change, unless agreed with PISCINE-PLUS.COM. If work is delayed by the client for a period exceeding 6 months, the cost of the remaining work will be recalculated and any variation made known to the Client as a variation to the project cost.

13. Disputes
In the event of dispute without resolution, only a recognised court will be qualified to hear and resolve the matter under the laws and governance of France.