Renovate Existing Pool

Pool Access

Steps are not easy to add, change or take away from an existing pool, but if you intend on changing the liner, this is the time to consider it.

Swimming Pool Access

When considering your access to the swimming pool you should bear in mind the implications for other elements of the pool at the same time, particularly any swimming pool covers that you are considering. Step ladders can impede the application of a cover and exterior steps can increase the cost of any cover.

We can supply pre-formed steps in a number of different sizes and shapes. However, they all fall into two categories – either internal to the pool or external.  Internal steps are usually corner steps and can help reduce the cost of any covers, with the cover not needing to extend over the other choice of cover. The external steps however give the effect of a longer pool and are normally Classic Roman or Square design.

Our pre-formed steps are made by Dom Composit who are the European leader in the fabrication of acrylic swimming pool steps, with over 30 years of experience.

Product options

Full Width Steps - from 4080€ ttc

Full Width Steps, Beach Style - from 4480€ ttc

Interior Steps - from 1900€ ttc

Exterior Steps - from 1900€ ttc

Step Ladders - from 250€ ttc


Price does not include the work required to prepare for the steps
8m * 4m
10m * 5m
12m * 6m