Renovate Existing Pool


Cleaning pool water is a two part process. The first part is carried out in the pool itself through the use of nets, brushes, vacuums, automatic robots and the pool skimmer baskets. The second part is the physical filtering of fine particles from the water by directing the water through a filter.


Repairing, replacing or changing the water filtration equipment is the second most common request (after liner changing) when it comes to swimming pool renovation.

We can change the entire filtration system, including skimmers, jets, pump & filter to just changing the filtration medium.


We use crushed glass as the filtration medium in our filters, as opposed to sand. This is environmentally friendly, chemically inert, offers very high filtration levels and requires a less manual & time consuming cleaning process. Glass is able to filter down to 3-5 microns and does not need changing. Also, being a more buoyant medium, the amount of water needed to flush debris from the glass is less, so the cleaning process is quicker than a system using sand.


Product options

Paper Cartridge

Sand Filter

Sand & Gravel

Crushed Glass

Pool Pump

Multi Valve


Approximate Costs
8m * 4m
10m * 5m
12m * 6m