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Water Chemistry Control

After the swimming pool security, the water chemistry is the most important aspect of the swimming pool management. Ensuring that this is controlled accurately and in a timely fashion could save you expense and time as well as ensuring that the liner is kept in its optimal condition, resulting in a longer lifespan.

Water Chemistry Options

Cleaning pool water is a three part process. The first part is carried out in the pool itself through the use of nets, brushes, vacuums and automatic  robots. The second part is the physical filtering of fine particles from the water. The final part is the regulation of the chemical balance of the water through water treatment.

Water treatment can be carried out manually or automatically. Both methods require the water to be sampled and the appropriate amount of chemical added depending on the test results.
To do this manually you require a tester of some kind and a stock of chemicals. Testers come in a variety of forms and prices, the simplest of which is a DPD tablet test which requires you to add some tablets to a sample of the pool water. Comparing the colour of the water to a chart, after the tablets have dissolved, will give you a rough indication of the pH and free Chlorine levels. Then, depending on the results, Chlorine and a PH adjusting chemical are added to the pool water via the skimmers.
If you are regularly experiencing problems with green water you may want to use a more accurate manual tester such as the Scuba+.
There are a number of automatic treatment systems available. Whilst not cheap, they do offer the pool owner with little time or inclination to manage the water chemistry a very useful and time-saving tool.
Our basic automatic system is Klereo system.  It works by analysing the water on its return to the swimming pool and adding an appropriate amount of sanitizer and/or acid from tubs stored in the pool room. It enables you to locally (via a wireless controller), or remotely (on the internet), monitor and/or control a number of parameters concerning your pool.
The best system we can offer is the PoolCop. Quoting PoolCop’s own web site the PoolCop is…

“Designed around a reliable automatic valve, PoolCop is the first and only device that manages filtration as the first step to better water quality.

This logical and practical approach – which results in a sparkling pool with fewer chemicals, less energy consumption and far less effort – has been awarded the prize “Eco Attitude: innovation in pool maintenance equipment“.”

PoolCop promote the Health, Economic and Ease of Use with their system, providing you with a worry free service. If you elect to specify this system for your pool it comes with an automatic filling system and an internet connection (subject to you having a broadband connection to the property)  for remote monitoring and/or management. We will even provide the first 12 months of pool oversight free of charge.

A demonstration of live data is available on their web site.

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Automatic Chemistry system - Klereo

Automatic Chemistry system - PoolCop