Existing Pools

Pool Equipment & Options

Pool Access

Getting in and out with ease

Steps are not easy to add, change or take away from an existing pool, but if you intend on changing the liner, this is the time to consider it.


Water Filtration

Water filtration is the most important part of swimming pool water control.

Felt and Liner

Patterned Liner with Frieze

Patterned liner with frieze being installed.

Water Chemistry Control

Accessing PoolCop from a Tablet

After the swimming pool security, the water chemistry is the most important aspect of the swimming pool management. Ensuring that this is controlled accurately and in a timely fashion could save you expense and time as well as ensuring that the liner is kept in its optimal condition, resulting in a longer lifespan.


Swimming Pool with Immerged Security Cover

Every in-ground pool in France needs to have at least one conforming security device.

Coping Stones & Terrace

Margelle or Coping Stone

Margelle finish off the pool edging.


Air Source Heat Pump

Air Source Heat Pumps suck in air from the exterior, compress that air and pass the resulting heat onto the pool water.


Pool Lighting

Pool lighting can dramatically show off your swimming pool at night.


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Swimming Pool Net

Keeping your pool clean is essential to bathers good health.


Pool Side shower

It is always advisable for bathers to shower before entering a swimming pool.

Whether your swimming pool just needs a good “service”, a new liner or a complete overhaul, we can offer you a full & complete range of products and services to help bring your pool back to it’s former glory.