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Air Source Heat Pumps

Air Source Heat Pumps work by sucking air into a compressor, squeezing the air to generate heat and passing the resulting heat onto the pool water. This method of heat generation is very efficient, the more efficient models having a COP (Coefficient of performance) of around 7,1.

Air source heat pumps need to be sited outside, as the exhausted air, which is very cold, should not be allowed to re-enter the heat pump.

Our air source heat pumps can work in air temperatures down to around -5°c, and can heat pool water up to 33°c.

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Sun Pro Line Inverter Heat Pump

Sun Pro Line Heat Pump

Pure Lite Heat Pump

Pure Heat Pump


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Price (not including installation)
COP (Air 27°C/Water 27°C) / (Air 15°C/Water 26°C)