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Cleaning pool water is a two part process. The first part is carried out in the pool itself through the use of nets, brushes, vacuums, automatic robots and the pool skimmer baskets. The second part is the physical filtering of fine particles from the water by directing the water through a filter.


Traditionally filtration was always carried out by forcing the pool water through a sand filter, relying on the filtration medium (sand) to trap any particles. As sand has limits on it’s ability to do this (it can only filter particles of around 25-30 microns in size), and requires changing every 3-5 seasons, new technologies were sought to increase the efficiency of this part of the water cleaning process.

This led to two new methods of filtering water: firstly using sand filtration equipment but replacing the sand with a finer medium and secondly using paper cartridge filters.

Paper cartridge filters are able to filter water to around 10-15 microns. In some cases this is an acceptable form of filtration especially as it negates the need for large filters and complicated plumbing that is associated with a sand filtration system. However, paper cartridges need cleaning periodically (typically once or twice a week in a heavily used pool during the summer) and will benefit from being replaced once every two to three seasons. Cleaning a cartridge filter is carried out by taking the cartridge out of situ and hosing it down. Particularly heavily soiled cartridges may require them to be steeped in a detergent solution for a number of hours as well. Prices of cartridges vary according to the exact type of cartridge that is specified for your pool but generally range from 100€ to 170€ each.

The alternative to paper cartridges, a sand filter, is now the most common way of filtering swimming pool water.

The water flow into and out of a sand filter is controlled by multi-way valve to the side or above the filter. This is rotated, depending on whether the water should be filtered, cleaned or rinsed. The cleaning & rinsing cycle of a sand filter is usually less than two minutes long.

We use crushed glass as the filtration medium in our filters, as opposed to sand. This is environmentally friendly, chemically inert, offers very high filtration levels and requires a less manual & time consuming cleaning process. Glass is able to filter down to 3-5 microns and does not need changing. Also, being a more buoyant medium, the amount of water needed to flush debris from the glass is less, so the cleaning process is quicker than a system using sand.

Circulating the water to and from the swimming pool, whether cartridge or sand filtered, is a water pump. The exact model and performance specification of the pump that is used would mainly depend on the volume of water in the pool –  our calculation is based on turning the water over every 270 minutes.

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Filter based on water turnover of 4.5 hours
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