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10m * 5m Swimming Pool

Medium to High specification pool

10m * 5m Pool, 7 km from Gourdon

About the build

The build was carried out in April 2013, a particularly wet month. Although it rained almost continually, the team did eventually manage to complete the excavation and get the initial structure in place. The job was made even more difficult as the land was mainly clay which, when mixed with the rain, created a very difficult working area .

One benefit of the rain though was to highlight the need for a wall, with a drainage channel at its foot. This helped to divert water that was running down the slight slope to the pool, from getting to the terrace.

The client retained a local builder to erect the pool house so we laid the concrete base, bringing the electrical and hydraulic services up through it, to ensure a tidy pool room.

The pool was specified with a flat bottom so the liner went in very easily, as did the immerged security cover, specified with wooden duckboard.

Initially a Klereo system was specified for managing the water, but this was later upgraded to a PoolCop system.


Project specification

Pool Size

10m * 5m * 1,40m

Pool Access

Angled, Corner Steps




2015 Dreamliner in Sand

Pool surround

Quercy Margelle and Tiles


LED with Remote Control

Pool cleaning

Hayward Filter




Automatic Water Filler

Chemistry Conrol



Immerged Cover with Flush Duckboard


Ready for retrofitting