Swimming Pool Design, Installation & Renovations in France

We carry out Swimming Pool Design, Installation & Renovations in France – rectangular and shaped swimming pools as well as spas and associated pool equipment.

Since establishing in 1993 we have gone on to install over 900 shaped and rectangular swimming pools in 41 different departments in France – mainly the West, Mid-West and South West. Our philosophy is quite simple, whether you have a small or large budget – to offer you great value. So why not enquire about our services?

We have consistently appeared highest in a website search for swimming pools in France, re-enforcing our long standing presence in the market.

For those on a smaller budget, we offer swimming pools which could be installed in just 6 working days.

For an average sized swimming pool we would need around 15 working days plus any extra time for options that you may have chosen.

The very best we can offer you is a swimming pool that includes a hidden security cover and Internet connected automatic chemistry control, amongst other features.

We also offer hot tubs, above ground swimming pools, pre-formed lap pools & saunas.

Above all, we believe that we can offer you a great value swimming pool.


Owning a swimming pool in France is the dream of many people and we try to ensure that the process involved in getting your dream realised is as problem-free as possible. The initial tasks start from well before the swimming pool is built, the final task is really non-finite as we support you continuously whilst you own your swimming pool.

If you already own a swimming pool, which is in need of some attention, we can also offer to restore your pool to its former glory and /or enhance it with a new liner, heating, upgraded filtration system, security products and a vast array of other products.

To enquire, please use our contact form and we will arrange a visit to your site, under no obligation, to discuss your requirements.

We will then prepare a quotation and if you want to proceed, optionally prepare the planning application. Once the project is complete we offer free on-line and telephone support in case of problems. At any time  in the process you have access to our Resources area for more information. Please browse our site further to discover more about the process and how we can offer you great value products to be proud of.

Why choose Piscine-Plus?



We have a combined experience of over 80 years in the swimming pool industry, outliving many other swimming pool construction companies. We are keen to build on our good reputation and aim to offer the best value swimming pools in France.



We are constantly striving to use the latest construction materials and products in our swimming pools. From the pool structure that is now guaranteed for 30 years and crushed glass filtration medium for superb filtration performance to automatic chemistry systems that can be monitored and managed by yourself, and us, over the internet.



We would not penalise you in cases where you might want to reconsider the swimming pool specification after paying your deposit. This sometimes happens when planning applications start to get complicated, sudden expenses arise (or windfalls) and new products suddenly present themselves. As long as the change will still be possible, we are happy to oblige and we will not force you to adhere to the contract.



Unlike many swimming pool companies, once we hand the swimming pool over to you we offer technical assistance for the duration of your swimming pool ownership. We have on-line resources and guidelines available to download as well as free e-mail and telephone support. We even offer remote control of your system from our offices.

Our Work

The Lot Department (46)

10m * 5m Swimming Pool

This client required a pool for themselves, but also to clients to whom they rent out their property. Therefore a high priority had to be given to the pool security system, specified with a water treatment system to offer the benefit of little or no intervention from the client or other pool users.

See case study

The Haute Vienne department (87)

8m * 4m Pool in the Haute Vienne

The client required a pool quite close to the house, raised off of the level of the house, and on slightly rising ground.

See case study