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Cleaning pool water is a three part process. The first part is carried out in the pool itself through the use of nets, brushes, vacuums and automatic  robots. The second part is the physical filtering of fine particles from the water. The final part is the regulation of the chemical balance of the water through water treatment. This page deals with the final part - water treatment.

Water treatment can be carried out manually or automatically. Both methods require the water to be sampled and the appropriate amount of chemical added depending on the test results.

To do this manually you require a tester of some kind and a stock of chemicals. Testers come in a variety of forms and prices, the simplest of which is a DPD tablet test which requires you to add some tablets to a sample of the pool water. Comparing the colour of the water after the tablets have dissolved to a chart will give you a rough guideline as to the PH and Free Chlorine. Then, depending on the results, Chlorine and a PH adjusting chemical are added to the pool water via the skimmers. 
Some testers are available that will give far more accurate results - at a cost, such as the Scuba+ tester which we retail at 150€ ttc.

There are a number of automatic treatment systems available. Whilst not cheap, they do offer the pool owner with little time or inclination to manage the water chemistry a very useful and time saving tool.


We supply the Klereo automatic system.  All systems are designed to take measurements from the pool water. In the case of the Klereo, an appropriate amount of sanitizer and/or acid is added. The Klereo is actually a fully automatic pool control system. It enables you to locally (via a wireless controller), or remotely (on the internet), monitor and/or control a number of parameters concerning your pool. These are:

Pool Water PH
Pool Water Chlorine level
Pool pump
Water Temperature (monitor)
Pool Heating (to effectively alter the pool water temperature)
Pool Lighting (optional)
Spare auxiliary port for another electrical item.

A demonstration of the Klereo Internet Access Portal is available here.

Please contact us if you require any further information about any of these products.

In addition to these products, and especially when you are having difficulty with your pool water, we have a number of chemical products such as Chlorine Shock, Sand Filter Cleaner, Bromine, PH adjuster in powder and liquid form, anti-algaecide, water softeners, flocculates, water-line cleaners and long-lasting winter treatments - please call us on 05 65 37 79 64 for details.