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Using a cover as the preferred method of security for a pool is the most popular choice. This is because most people require at least a winter cover to keep the elements out and normally a summer cover as well, to keep the pool water heat in. Selecting a cover, therefore, for your security means that you meet your security obligations as well as provide a solution for your winter and summer cover needs.

Security covers are available in barred and slatted versions. For the budget conscious the barred covers offer the least expensive solution. The covers are supplied with a manual winder to roll the cover on and off. When in place, the cover is attached at each end by straps and ratchets that are secured into your terrace or decking. There are also automatic winders available that make the job of applying or removing the cover easier. More details are available in the Barred Security Cover brochure, listed here.

Slatted covers are designed to float on top of the water. The models generally fall into the categories of above ground or in-ground, manual or automatic. Whilst these are the most expensive type of cover available they are the most convenient in terms of opening and closing the pool and, arguably, they look the best.

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