Mr & Mrs Croft-White - 24250 St Acquilin

posted 9 Apr 2013, 14:52 by Andy Lees

We first read about Piscine-Plus.Com in the French Property magazine and contacted them as we were a little worried about all the intricacies and different regulations we would have to observe as ours was to be a 'public' pool rather than a private one.  Andy and his partner Chris were absolutely marvellous and made all the necessary enquiries and even arranged a site meeting with the ARS (responsible for all public pools in the Dordogne) before they put together their final quote.  We say final quote, but that is not totally correct as they spent a considerable amount of time, altering and adjusting size, shape and specifics until we arrived at a price that we could afford with the best pool they could provide us with.  We know that they were busy preparing many other quotes at that time but they still had time to help us and explain / change anything that we weren't sure about.  They operate a staged payment system so that you feel confident that at each payment, all the detailed quoted work has been completed and so you feel confident throughout the build.

Unfortunately it absolutely dreadful for weather down here with -11 to -20 degrees frost for a good part of January which made it impossible to dig the hole. Unfortunately for them as a company it also meant that they too couldn't get on with much work and so in February when the weather started to improve, they worked on pools as quickly as they could.  Again work commenced in March but with the location of our pool being adjacent to a stream by our lake, the heavy rainfall prevented any further work until mid May.  From then on the team who worked on the pool worked hard from the moment they arrived on site until quite late in the evening before their long drive home.

The quality of work was outstanding and their professional attitude was always extremely positive, so much so that we missed them when they left.  Everyone who has seen the pool (campers & friends) and the locals who have watched its construction were all impressed with what they saw. 

If you are going to proceed with installing your pool, then we would certainly recommend you using this firm for the quality of their work and their 100% professional approach from beginning to completion.