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Our pools are constructed from either galvanised or stainless steel metal sections. We use this material for two reasons. First of all it enables us to install the pool much quicker than if we used concrete blocks. Because of this you benefit from the second reason - because it takes less time it is cheaper for us and we pass this cost saving on to you.

Whilst you may think that the sections may not be as strong as concrete blocks, that is not the case; the metal sections are extremely solid and heavy. In fact they have a major advantage over concrete blocks; should the land around the pool be subject to any movement the metal sections will give, unlike concrete blocks.

Our rectangular pools are supported on the outside by metal arms placed between each panel. Therefore this would require a backfill to the pool of around 70 cms, 30 cms of this is taken up by the support for the margelle.

Our shaped pools get their strength from a steel joist that is flush with the base of the pool. This joist, placed widthways, effectively supports the metal sections that surround the pool. This means that only a very small backfill is required (10 cms). The backfill is a dry sand and cement mix which hardens very gradually over time.

Piscine-Plus Pool Construction